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This year we are proud to celebrate over 31 years of achievement in the areas of technical innovation, supply of quality products and service to our large and diverse customer base.

On the following pages you will find information on diamond tools and equipment suitable for cutting or processing a wide range of construction materials.

Click on the Product Categories or Sub Categories in the menu to find out more information about the range and help you select the appropriate product.


Now Patented in the UK, Ireland and America!

Wet drilling or dry. It's the two - in - one system

One, It's a dry drilling system with super - efficient dust extraction for soft masonry.

Two, It's a wet drilling system for fast drilling of hard masonry and concrete.

One piece of equipment and one set of core drills is all you need for both wet and dry drilling.

Super-efficient dust extraction reduces the risk to operator health through elimination of inhaled dust.

Reduces vibration because wet drilling is up to ten times faster than dry.

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